Workflow Automation and Patient Messaging directly in your EMR.

Automate tasks, direct message patients, and send files securely with Cortico’s browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. 

Trusted by 2000+ doctors, clinic managers, and MOAs worldwide.

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Integrates with popular EMRs like OSCAR, Juno, Accuro and OpenEMR. Learn more ▶

Secure, one-way patient messaging through email or SMS. 

Message templates: Save common message templates to complete tasks in seconds, not minutes. 

Attach secure files, forms, and more: Send Lab Requisitions, Results, Follow-ups, Recalls and more to patients in Seconds! 

Communication audit trail: Plus patient read receipts and more. 

Privacy and security: Cortico does not store any confidential patient information and complies with Canadian and US privacy regulations. 

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  • Automatically check MSP eligibility.
  • Patients receive prescription receipts for telehealth visits, so they can follow up with the pharmacy or meds delivery service.
  • Patients can upload forms direct to your EMR (some plans)
  • Automatically set the patient’s preferred pharmacy info (some plans)

Automate tasks and
save 3 hours every week. 

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See why healthcare providers love the Cortico Plug-in.

Trusted by 2000+ doctors, clinic managers, and medical office assistants worldwide.

Recalls, notifications, and documentation are super easy!

The Cortico plug-in makes contacting patients securely very easy. An added bonus is that the doctor's private information is not shared.

Family Physician

British Columbia

Saves us upwards of 10-15 hours a week.

The instant messaging has reduced a huge burden of patient interactions via phone calls to make follow up appointments and notify patients of non-medical sensitive information. I would estimate 2-3 hours is saved by my staff just for me a day on the instant messaging services, which is upwards of 10-15 hours a week.


Surrey, British Columbia

A revolution in streamlining communications. 

Cortico's plug-in has been revolutionary in streamlining communications with patients, and rounds out the care that we provide our patients. Cortico provides services that can't get out of a standard EMR. It's a very professional platform and we're very happy with how the service has been. 

Family Physician

Abbotsford, British Columbia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with my EMR?

The plug-in messenger and automation tools work with any web based EMR, meaning one you load in a web browser. Citrix or desktop EMRs aren’t supported yet, but some of our other products may work. Reach out for details!

Is Cortico secure? 

Cortico uses privacy by design to ensure privacy of patient data. Details on our practices and compliance levels, here: 

Who made Cortico? 

The Cortico Team is made up of a mix of medical professionals and doctors who have one thing in common - we are all passionate about saving time in healthcare so there is more time to look after patients!

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Workflow Automation and Patient Messaging, directly in your EMR.

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Workflow Automation and Patient Messaging directly in your EMR.

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